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March 23, 2022 | marketing


It sounds like it’s lucrative, but costs you in attributes. So, I want to start Insaniquarium working towards a Tier 4 profession. I now have maximum Watchfulness again, but I’m about even in the other stats. Multiplayer is actual PVP in real time, and it’s been a blast with super nice folks.

  • Virtual Tank Mode is where you can spend some of the hard-earned money to reward your character.
  • He debuts in Tank 3-4, and only appears in Tank 3 and Tank 4, and can appear in a multiple alien battle alongside Destructor in Tank 4.
  • Odell Down Under is an Addictive, Education, and Single-player video game developed by MECC and published by Softkey.
  • Some people might confuse him for an octopus.

The game assigns you a task to create an exciting aquarium and raise a group of fish. In the beginning, you can purchase some small fishes and raise them by taking care of and feeding. Complete the tasks to earn money and use it to buy better food, course, and individual items for your fish. Earn points by completing tasks and beat your foes by attacking them. Over thirty types of fish are available to select and play. As you eat small fish, the game rewards you with points, and you can use these points to unlock further content.

What Is Nostradamus Insaniquarium?

Well, at each level you buy pieces of an egg. 3 egg pieces gets you a new pet with super powers. At each level, the egg pieces cost more, too. You can only bring a limited number of pets with you to new levels. You may as well buy a wrist brace to wear on your stylus-slinging hand, because this game is going to push your tapping to the limits. Naturally, it starts off slow and innocent-like.

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Stanley attacks aliens by throwing sports balls at them. He is quite useful against projectile aliens, which are Destructor and Ulysses. He can give you a helping hand against the missiles or the energy balls while you focus on Destructor or Ulysses. Nostradamus the Nose is a nose-shaped fish. It drops snot that you can click on for 1$ or 1 Shell, and it can eaten by Guppies, which will turn the Guppy itself into another Nostradamus.

To shoot faster, click with the left mouse button and scroll wheel. Stinky the snail – collects any coins on the bottom of the tank. Weapon Upgrade – upgrading your weapon allows you to destroy the aliens faster.

Special Pets

That being said, it’s already difficult to deal with them without losing any fish as a result of the lack of concentration. On the other hand, individually, they aren’t as tough as Psychosquid… When starting a new level in Insaniquarium, some good tank mates to choose would be the snail , the octopus and presto who can change into any other pet. However, you won’t be able to get Presto until you’ve beaten the game one time. Seymour the turtle and Nimbus the sting ray are also good choices to take with you on the different levels.